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A Resource Page For Parents

The Internet can be useful for so many interactions and services in the modern world, but it can also be difficult to navigate.


Many parents are concerned about their children's safety, so this website provides basic information about social media safety for parents with kids of all ages in Joint School District 171.


My kid is being bullied online. Where do I go for help?

Each social media platform should have its own help center for reporting cyber-bullying. Below are links to the help centers for reporting bad online behavior for the major social media sites. Simply click each one to visit the help center that best fits your concern.


To Learn More....

To learn more about the social media platforms, visit the Wikipedia page for the list of social networking websites by clicking here. There you can click on each one to learn about its specific function, age restrictions, and safety protocols. 

Resources for Teachers

Free lesson plans and educational materials about cyberbulling are available through Common Sense Media. Educators and parents can download toolkits and materials for free at

Websites For Parents



Video Game Ratings:


Cyberbullying & Media:

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